YouTube continues to censor Cryptocoin videos

Before Christmas, YouTube launched a major attack on channels dealing with cryptocoins. Numerous videos were striked and whole channels disappeared. But then it was time to roll backwards for the largest video platform on the Internet.


Crypto News: YouTube continues to censor Cryptocoin videos 

One of the biggest Crypto YouTuber that got hit less than a month ago was “Ivan on Tech”. After his channel (with over 200,000 subscribers) was deleted, it was unlocked again by YouTube. Officially it was said that the deletions of many large cryptocoin channels were only one “mistake”.

But breathing a sigh of relief was out of place. Because YouTube continues to censor the crypto community on its video platform. Channels such as “The Martini Guy”, “Davincij15” and also “Ivan on Tech” reported that YouTube continues to strike videos and take them out of circulation if they promote regulated financial services – a woolly paraphrase that YouTube is apparently using to shoot the whole subject of cryptocoins off its platform.

The trend is clear, and so everyone should look to alternatives to YouTube to find out about or report on Cryptocoins.