Whats important in the crypto market for this week?

Bitcoin (BTC) has been able to keep its gains close to $ 8,000. But what can be expected in the coming week for the asset that leaves the stocks far behind?After a 10 percent increase in one day last week, the BTC / USD pair has managed to maintain gains over the weekend. 


Alarm bells for stocks

The shares continue to rise and Bitcoin continues to adjust to the mood on the stock market.Bitcoin has reduced its correlation in recent weeks, but it is still sensitive to larger fluctuations on Wall Street. The price has risen further this week, but not everything is as it seems, as analysts warn.


Oil prices fall despite rising stocks

The oil price continues to decline. In the Asian market, the WTI plummeted nearly 10 percent, while the Brent fell 3.2 percent to almost $ 20 a barrel.The oil market saw negative prices for the first time last week and there is no recovery in sight. Demand is unlikely to increase over the next few months while storage facilities are almost exhausted.The OPEC + countries have previously tried to cut production. But that wasn’t enough, as the comments said.Overall, bitcoin is less affected by the problems in the oil market than the other markets.