U.S. Mint stops production for Gold coins

No more gold coins from the USA. The U.S. Mint has now decided to temporarily shut down their mint in New York to protect employees in the wake of the corona pandemic.


Gold coins of the USA

Gold coins of the American Eagle variety have recently been in huge demand. Also because many other minting companies put the production of their gold investment products on hold in the wake of the Corona crisis, and with a rapidly increasing demand. The U.S. Mint had previously followed its legal mandate and continued to produce American Eagle coins. Sales of American Buffalo gold coins also rose sharply.


Stop because of Corona

At the beginning of April, it was said that only the production of numismatic coins would be shut down, but that Eagles would continue to be minted (systemically important: the USA continues to produce Eagle gold coins). But now West Point is also concerned about the health of its employees. The U.S. Mint announced the temporary closure of its New York mint yesterday. Bloomberg reports. It is not known how long no gold coins are produced. A company spokesman said: “The mint will resume production as soon as it believes it makes sense.”