Thieves open Bitcoin machines and leave ATMs untouched

An American branch manager was stunned after thieves had an elaborate plan to steal a Bitcoin ATM that “didn’t work” and left a conventional ATM filled with cash.

Philidelphia police said that two men used crowbars to break into a “Bitcoin ATM” in the early morning hours of January 21 and released video surveillance footage of the incident.

The video shows the two men arriving in a car, then entering the Quick Mart store in the Mayfair district and breaking open the machine to remove an apparent cash box from the machine – before they drive away.

Police are still searching for the suspects, but the store manager hinted that the robbers may have made the wrong choice.

CBS Local quoted the manager, Hashid Alsaidi, as saying that “what surprised him” was the fact that the robbers “did not touch the [conventional] ATM that was within range of the guns.

Alsaidi said the Bitcoin ATM was “not very popular” and did not believe the robbers “got away with much.

He said: “Honestly, it didn’t go well anyway.”

It seems, however, the attackers knew a thing or two about Bitcoin and the inner workings of crypto ATMs.

The manager added: “They looked like they knew what they were doing. It happened so fast, they just came and opened it.”

As Bitcoin ATMs become more common, it seems that more and more thieves are targeting the machines – although some of these criminals have been more successful than others. Canadian robbers left $38,000 behind in a robbery last November.

And two American thieves left a shopping mall in Washington in August 2019 with a Bitcoin machine wrapped in a blanket.