The Bitcoin Visa (BTC) cryptocurrencies are more interesting for more people

Get out of the niche, into the mainstream

Buying and selling Bitcoin still presents people with challenges. Access to the crypto ecosystem seems too cumbersome, the technical hurdles too high – many users are put off by it. In the end, adaptation also suffers from this; cryptocurrencies are still considered a niche product.But that should change soon. With the relaunch of the TenX app and matching Visa card, crypto buying will soon be child’s play:

“There are many potential users who are hesitant to enter the crypto ecosystem, even if they are curious. Part of TenX’s mission is to help the world find access to crypto easily and securely – and to help our users make this journey as enjoyable as possible,”

Paul Kittiwongsunthorn, co-founder of TenX, knows how to accurately assess the current situation.


The Bitcoin Visa from TenX

The TenX card including app offers the all-round carefree package for crypto fans and those who still have to convince themselves. Because with the Visa card not only everyday banking and withdrawals from ATMs can be done anywhere in the world: Recently, TenX users can also buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin via the TenX Wallet app and convert them back into fiat currencies at any time – now also for users in Germany and Austria.