Swiss B2B bank Incore offers clients enhanced crypto services

The Swiss B2B bank Incore has entered into a partnership with Inacta AG, which is based on blockchain technology, in order to offer its customers extended services for digital assets. Incore announced this in a press release on 22 January.


B2B provider for crypto services

Incore customers could in the future take advantage of all services related to digital currencies, the company said. These include brokerage and custody of crypto-currencies and other digital assets, as well as advanced services such as tokenization of traditional assets and their distribution.

Banks and other in-core customers from the financial sector will save themselves the costly development of their own infrastructure by using the services provided by the B2B provider.

Inacta: Crypto pioneer from Switzerland

Inacta is regarded in Switzerland as a pioneer in the crypto sector. As early as 2018, Inacta founded the joint venture Gentwo Digital together with the company Gentwo in order to bring crypto systems to market as bankable financial products with an international securities identification number (ISIN).

Inacta is also a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association from Zug and has already developed various software applications with block chain features as well as the ICO platform Tokengate.

With its crypto services enhanced by Inacta, Incore is competing with the Swiss crypto banks Seba and Sygnum, which have only been equipped with a banking license for a few months.