Ripple has big plans and wants to grow as strong as Amazon

The year 2020 should be very important for Ripple. The CEO compared the expected growth of Ripple with the growth of Amazon.

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, recently had an exclusive interview with Julia Chatterley of CNN. The interview focused on regulatory clarity regarding crypto-currencies, a Federal Reserve digital currency, XRP, a Ripple IPO, and where he sees Ripple going in the next four to five years. Interestingly, Garlinghouse compared Ripple’s expected growth with Amazon’s growth over the next five years.

The CEO of Ripple currently sees his company and its native crypto currency XRP very well and does not pay much attention to short-term price actions. Garlinghouse believes that Ripple’s ecosystem will continue to grow and solve real problems for real customers with projects like “Coil” for micropayments. Garlinghouse explained that he does not see Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto projects as competing projects and that the overall growth in this area is good for all projects.

It will be difficult, but not impossible

Garlinghouse mentioned Amazon’s epic growth and how the company started out as an online bookseller before becoming a hub for all kinds of merchandise and beginning to dominate the entire trade. He envisions similar potential for Ripple, but says Ripple’s first and most important project is to solve cross-border payments.

He says it is difficult to imagine where the crypto market will be in five years, but he sees Ripple growing much bigger and offering real solutions for customers. Ripple has partnered with many strategic companies such as SBI, Moneygram, IndusInd and more to increase its market share and influence in the remittance and cross-border payments industry.

The CEO concludes that they have started 2020 with great momentum as Ripple has moved from ‘speculative activity’ to a true service company. He assured that as the momentum increases, more customers will come on board, increasing liquidity. According to Brad Garlinghouse, 2020 will be a better year as the global clarity of regulation improves in countries around the world.