Magic the Gathering: Cryptocurrencies in Card games

Games do not have to be a silly pastime, but can also become an investment case. Games like Magic the Gathering, in which cards were sold for tens of thousands of dollars, do this. Such digital games also exist on an NFT basis.


Trading Card Games have been around for a long time

Magic The Gathering for the older, Yu-Gi-Oh for the younger semesters: Trading Card Games fascinate many people. This is probably the attractive mix of game and investment case: should you really exchange a Black Lotus from the Alpha Edition for an Ancestral Recall from the International Edition? It is very important here whether you see the matter from an investment perspective or a strategic point of view. Even if the Black Lotus is worth almost a hundred times, it might make more sense for your own blue deck to have an Ancestral Recall.


High complexity in such games

Given the incredible complexity of Magic and its peers, it is no wonder that such games have either been carried over into the digital age – see Hearthstone – or have been created from scratch. Such trading card games can also build a bridge to cryptocurrencies: MTGox was originally planned as an exchange for trading cards. With the fall of MTGox at the latest, this bridge had been torn down, but was rebuilt with projects such as cryptokitties.