Intermittent ransomware growth concerns Aussie Cybersecurity Minister

Tim Watts, the Deputy Shadow Minister for Cyber Security in Australia, has criticized the country’s government for its poor performance in response to what he called a “ransomware epidemic” epidemic that struck the nation last year.In an article released earlier this week, Watts called for a more proactive response to the apparent boom in ransomware attacks against private and public institutions in various industries, assuming that continued lukewarm nature could make things worse.


Proactive laws are required or things could get worse

New Zealand-based cyber security company Emsisoft has estimated that it will 2issued ransomware attacks against private and public entities across Australia in 2019, resulting in losses of approximately $ 1 08 billion to the country and its economyIn his post, Watts highlighted some of the most serious ransomware cases that have hit the country in the past year, including and in particular allies, the closure of a Victorian government regional health network that has delayed several operations. He pointed out that things could get much worse this year, stressing that Toll, a Melbourne-based transportation company, suffered a ransomware attack in late last month that lost control of 1 of its servers.