GreenToken (GTK) ICO launches in France

The explosion in ICOs came as a surprise to private investors, but especially to governments around the world. Therefore, until the boom subsided in 2018, it was not possible to introduce framework conditions for the sale of the tokens. But two years have now passed and a regulated and officially approved ICO is now being launched in France.


GreenToken (GTK): more than $ 11 million to be collected

Due to the unclear situation of the ICO in recent years, projects still had to pay a fine for the illegal sale of tokens in the form of an initial coin offering even years later. This situation is to be changed with legally defined framework conditions, as they now exist in France.WPO is an energy service provider from France with a focus on sustainable and renewable energies. As is now known, the company has now received official approval to launch an ICO. The GreenToken (GTK) is an ERC-20 token, i.e. based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The funding goal is more than $ 11 million. The price of a GTK token is $ 1.06 at launch.


“Visa” for registered ICO

The energy service provider WPO was founded in 2008 and supplies over 600 wind and solar parks in 12 European countries. With the GreenToken and the GreenToken network, the aim is to revolutionize the renewable energy market with the help of digital assets and Distributed Legdger Technology (DLT). GTK tokens are to be used for the purchase of services and goods from WPO and the GreenToken network.