Cardano (ADA) Foundation uses technology in the fight against COVID-19

The Cardano community has asked the community to support a distributed computing project that aims to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. A large number of their employees have decided to participate in the Folding @ Home project and to make the CPU of their personal computers available for scientific research.


Distributed computing to the rescue

The Cardano Foundation, an independent agency charged with promoting the Cardano blockchain, has called on its community to join the Folding @ Home project. In a blog post published on March 19, the foundation introduced the project and invited people to participate in perhaps one of the most important scientific efforts of the decade.

Folding @ home (FAH) is a distributed computer project that focuses on disease research and simulates the process of protein folding and the movement of proteins that are involved in many different diseases. The complex calculations that are required to carry out these simulations require enormous computing power.


Call to all “Cardanians” to help find the outbreak of the coronavirus

In a blog post on March 19, the Cardano Foundation called on the entire Cardano community to help fight the outbreak of the corona virus. The foundation published detailed instructions on how to start Folding @ home and provided a special team number that allows users to show their contributions to others who are connected to the Cardano community team.