BitMEX CEO names price range for BTC

The development of the Bitcoin course is probably one of the most hotly discussed topics. It is not uncommon that opinions are often different and price forecasts are accordingly far apart. However, it is particularly exciting when two extremes are combined in a prediction.


Arthur Hayes and the BitMEX Trader Crypto Digest

The issue of the ‘BitMEX Trader Crypto Digest’ published yesterday gave rise to the current article. It is a kind of magazine that appears at regular intervals (1x month). The author is none other than BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes.In the magazine, he usually shares his thoughts on the situation on the crypto market and the general, macroeconomic situation. In the current issue, which I linked as a source, everything – how could it be otherwise – is about the effects of the corona virus on the global markets and ultimately the Bitcoin price.