Bitcoin Scam raises Millions in Asia

Before the eyes of the western crypto world, PlusToken was able to capture billions in Asia in 2019 through a pyramid scheme that promised its users a high “investment” return on their deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

When the fraud was exposed, the money just disappeared and the operators signed a message with a PlusToken address that said: “You left”. Now a new fraud in Asia seems to be gaining popularity, despite the damage PlusToken has caused. According to Dovey Wan, a partner in Primitive Ventures, a recent scam claiming users have been “airdroped” on their Bitcoin has gained “decent popularity in Asia.” Although the amounts so far captured are not clear, Wan noted that the scam could “contract” up to 180,000 BTC for “soul mining”, which were then “locked” to generate revenue through the “mystical process”. Obviously, it’s a “Ponzi” scheme, as Wan said:

“was about to post this it’s getting decent popularity in Aisa.

over 4000 BTC has been consumed, over 18k BTC has locked up for “soul mining” basically it’s an airdrop based on your BTC balance.

Usually Ponzi gets started when BTC price is relatively low (like PlusToken, 3M)”