Bitcoin performs well and pulls up altcoins

The key currency Bitcoin can significantly increase in price the days before the halving date and can rise above the $ 9,000 mark in time. The majority of altcoins are also leading and continue to rise in price, with Bitcoin (BTC) now able to hear the $ 9,000 mark this week and peaking by 22 percent to $ 9,488. The week is the key crypto currency at $ 8,778, marking a new 50-day high. After a strong previous week, the majority of altcoins can also increase this week from the positive mood in overall market relationships and in value. A list is the list of the top 10 old coins, from the veteran Litecoin (LTC) with a price premium of more than five factors.


Ripple is there too

Ripple (XRP) will also see a substantial price increase of four factors after a certain weak price development. The high-flyer of the past two weeks, Tezos (XTZ), has obsessed profit-taking at the end of the week. Tezo’s possible bottom of the top 10 altcoins with a discount of four specific terms this week. Also this week, the overall cryptocurrency market can train from price rises on the classic financial market and for the new monthly highs. So it is golden to keep an eye on the stock markets and to keep the halving date in mind.