Bitcoin fraud: U.S. authorities strike

Bad times for Bitcoin scammers. US authorities have managed to strike another blow against crypto thieves.

The question of what Bitcoin actually is is currently not easy to answer. In order to establish itself as a crisis currency and safe haven asset, the ecosystem obviously still has to mature. Bitcoin is still in the race as a digital store of value, the supply of which is deflationary. One thing is certain: the bitcoin narrative changes over time.

A narrative, as it gradually becomes clear, is slowly becoming obsolete: that of the shadow currency. Most criminals are beginning to realize that Bitcoin is not suitable for laundering money or trading in illegal goods. The authorities have long since caught up, scams with Bitcoin are no longer worthwhile.


US authorities condemn Bitcoin fraudsters

That was last shown on March 17th. The Oregon Department of Justice announced the conviction of two Bitcoin fraudsters. According to the authorities, they conspired to commit internet fraud and money laundering in order to steal bitcoins using a fraud system. According to the indictment, they used their Twitter account @HitBTCAssist to pretend to users that they were dealing with representatives of the Bitcoin exchange HitBTC.