Bitcoin could be one of the last things you can trade very soon

The cryptocurrency market never sleeps. For crypto traders, this is the ultimate feature that sets it apart from any other financial market.It also means that he may survive all of the shutdowns caused by the corona virus – and may even be one of the few financial markets to be traded in the coming weeks.


Could traditional financial markets come to a standstill?

Media around the world are reporting that equity markets are likely to shut down. The New York Stock Exchange is already planning the transition to fully electronic trading next week.Other countries are considering the proposal. However, it is risky – in the Philippines, for example, a closure of the national stock exchange last Thursday led to a 24% drop.The situation could continue to spiral if stocks continue to fall worldwide and trading becomes too risky.


The 24-7 crypto market

The cryptocurrency market can never be shut down – and that means that in a few weeks it may be in a strange position to be one of the few active markets. A month ago, that seemed completely unthinkable.But since extreme measures are now necessary, such an option does not appear to be particularly far-fetched. Few sectors have shown strength in this global market routine.Given cascading losses and the worsening of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems plausible that the call for a stop in the financial markets will become louder.