3,000 7-Eleven stores are going to receive blockchain-powered air-monitoring surveillance

More than 100 7-Eleven grocery stores in South Korea should be equipped with blockchain-powered air pollution and weather monitoring devices before the end of this year, FN News reported. The retailer has signed a contract with a company called Observer, which will initially install weather and pollutant monitoring devices in the capital’s shops and will roll out 3,000 stores nationwide in 2020. Observer says the devices will direct real-time pollution data to a blockchain-powered network that can be shared with businesses and government agencies involved in the fight against air pollution.


Blockchain acceptance in combination with IoT (Internet of Things), although still immature and faced with several challenges, is booming in the USA and moving much faster than expected, according to the largest research and consulting company, Gartner. Your most recent poll poll found the following:

  • 75% of users of IoT technology in the United States have already introduced a blockchain or plan to introduce it by the end of 2020;
  • 86% use the two technologies together in different projects;
  • 63% said the biggest benefit of their combined IoT / Blockchain projects was the increase in security and trust in shared multi-party transactions and data;
  • 56% said the biggest benefit was an increase in business efficiency and lower costs;
  • 43% chose to increase sales and business opportunities;
  • 37% decided to improve the constituent or participant experience.